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ByTheBeach Software

This is the new home of WindWorks cross platform wind speed and direction data acquisition software. This is the same software that you get or got at inspeed.com. We decided to move WindWorks to it's own site to make it easier to support and get updates out to WindWorks users. This will also provide a platform for some log-to-internet ideas we have been working on.

If you would like to buy WindWorks, a complete WindWorks kit with sensors and interface board can be purchased at inspeed.com and uses the Vortex Wind Sensor and E-Vane

This site is under construction, but I thought it was important to make some much needed software and firmware updates available even if the site is not ready for primetime.

Go to the updates page and follow the instructions for your particular platform.

Email support(at)bythebeachsoftware(dot)com if you have any questions or need help with anything.


WindWorks Update Available